TWO FOOTED CHALLENGE was founded in the Summer of 2009 by James D. Irwin.

After failing in all of it’s initial aims and publishing about three posts in nine months it was relaunched in April 2010. The grand relaunch consisted of getting a new contributor, re-writing this bit and promising extra hard to make more of an effort.

Of course the aims of the site have also changed, lessening in ambition and loosening in structure to suit the slackers that run this place. What can you expect? An intense amount of inane trivia (did you know former Liverpool defender/midfielder Veggard Heggem owns a salmon farm?!), blogs/rants/essays, and hopefully a bit of humour as well.


James D. Irwin— Editor

A supporter of both Sours and his home town club, Swindon Town, he has written for The Nervous Breakdown, Beatdom and Kerb Magazine. None of those publications have anything to do with sport.

He wrote for his university paper but was banned from the offices after submitting An Open Letter to Mainstream Pornographers.

When not watching football or sporadically writing about it he divides his time by watching Magnum P.I, editing his first novel and going to the pub.


Born in Oldham, residing in Australia, David Rostron is a supporter of both Manchester United and Oldham.

As a resident of a country where Lucas Neil is the closest thing to a football superstar, and having self-produced two albums, he possesses all the attributes needed for amateur sports writing.

He recently joined the Australian police force.


Editor of Beatdom and also a contributor to The Nervous Breakdown, David Wills is a supporter of both Middlesborough and Dundee United.

Born and raised in Scotland he now lives in Korea where he gets molested by school children and spat on on a near daily basis.

He joined the Two Footed Challenge ‘team’ in the midst of the much touted relaunch of April 2010.


A long suffering Brighton and Hove Albion season ticket holder, spending his weekends following the mediocre League One outfit up and down the country.

He is currently undertaking a degree in Sport and Media at the University of Winchester, where his pink Brighton shirt attracts a lot of lighthearted homophobic abuse.

He is not, as far as we are aware, related to former DC United centre back Ediie Pope.


Two Footed Challenge is not totally against the idea of taking on more writers, although quite obviously contributors will not receive payment for their work.

Submissions for features and profiles will be accepted and all due credit given.

Any ideas/feedback/questions would be gladly accepted, however, any complaints will be ignored.

Two Footed Challenge can be contacted at:


We’re also on Twitter, we’re 21st century like that. Follow us at TwoFootedTweets.


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